1. Basic Mani & Pedi:

Our Nail experts will gently soak, clean and smooth away calluses, leaving your hands and feet soft and smooth. The treatment ends with a lotion massage for your hands and feet.


2. Special Mani & Pedi:

This manicure and pedicure exclusively uses OPI products. Apart from the soaking, cleaning and gentle scrubbing, this service includes a special mask for your hands and feet. The service is topped off with a massage using the OPI hands and feet lotion.


5. Paraffin:

Paraffin Wax is applied to your hands and feet, this improves blood circulation and soothes tired muscles. Once hardened it easily peels off leaving your hands soft and smooth as it takes off dead skin cells. It’s a great way to rejuvenate cracked, dry looking hands and feet, leaving them soft and baby smooth.


6. Gel and Acrylic Extensions:

The latest fad in artificial nails, Gel Nails or Gel Extension is fast and gives a natural look to nails. The use of Ultraviolet light to dry the gel quickens up the process.