1. Basic Facial

Cleansing, toning, scrubbing, moisturising, steam and a massage to ‘wake up’ your skin and leave you energized. Relax and enjoy as our skincare experts work on your skin and gently massage away the stress of everyday life.


2. Special Facial:

Sometimes you just want something extra, something ‘special’ to pamper your skin after a stressful period. This is the facial for a pick-me-up. Cleansing, toning, scrubbing, moisturising, massage and a mask that will make your skin glow with vitality and freshness.


3. Anti-Ageing Treatment:

This treatment uses professional top-of-the line products to restore your skin to its youthful radiance. A soothing face massage , with peeling and a mineral mask will add firmness and glam up previously dull looking skin.


4. Whitening Treatment:

Our skin care expert will carefully treat your skin to a Facial that will clear away the dirt and pollution that hides your skin tone and use soothing creams and gentle scrub to reveal a fairer skin tone.


5. Acne Treatment:

This facial uses carefully selected anti-acne creams with the skilful hands of our professionals to noticeable to curb acne and reveal healthy, glowing skin.


6. Special Anti-Aging Face Treatment with Vitamin C:

The power of antioxidant in this product combats the effects of Environmental Aging. Every day, your skin is exposed to UV radiation, pollution and toxins. That exposure increases the number of free radicals in your system that attack healthy skin cells and lead to premature wrinkles, age spots and dark spots and a loss of luster in your skin. This products brighten skin and improve tone, texture and clarity, can give you firmer, more youthful skin that’s brighter and Better Every Day®. .