Pink Power Gym:

Pink Power sets a new standard in women’s gyms in Ajman, boasting one of the best workouts that you can find but all while being surrounded by a beautiful feminine and motivating environment. Our talented trainers, state-of-the-art gym equipment and amazing service, will ensure that you are inspired and motivated to find the healthy you, you are still to meet. Our trainers will work with you and give you a personalised and detailed plan on how to use the machines and how much time you to spend on them for targeted weight loss.

Personal Training:

Imagine having a fully qualified fitness professional dedicated to getting you into shape and making sure you enjoy your work out sessions. Yes, the aim of Personal Training is to focus our energy into helping you realise your fitness vision. Our Trainers design rigorous but fun sessions around your personal goals. They can help intensify your workout to build cardiovascular fitness, maximize your calorie expenditure and bring you to a new level of physical conditioning through resistance training. Most importantly, they go beyond planning an exercise as they maximize your workout to help you reach your full potential in a fun and safe manner.